We push for green cities, villages and industrial areas

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Municipalities carry a great responsibility for their residents, aiming to offer them an ever safer and more sustainable environment to live in. We work with municipalities in the Netherlands to help them reach their sustainability targets and bring large-scale, green projects into existence.

We understand that designing – and even more so implementing – innovative green technologies can be a long and challenging process. We work as independent consultants and help you with the engineering, business case, stakeholder management and implementation of your project. We can help so let’s work together!

How can we support you?

Hands-on parametric engineering, with buy-in of all stakeholders

Engineering and implementation of industrial scale solutions

We provide engineering excellence in an agile work environment. By using a combination of industrial large-scale energy solutions, we are able to piece together the right elements for each project and to do so in a cost-effective manner. That makes the scaling of sustainable solutions easier and that much faster.

Parametric engineering and flexibility

As a small, multidisciplinary team, we mobilize fast and assign the most suitable experts to your project. Because we use our own parametric models and technology database to compare all suitable energy technologies for the built environment, we work independently and can quickly estimate the potential of any green energy solution.

Tailored stakeholder management

Every city is different. We go the extra mile to understand and define your needs, and to create a tailor-made approach for working together. We make sure that the solutions we create together are affordable and that stakeholders support the changes that are needed for a more sustainable living environment.

Part of our unique stakeholder approach is a so-called ‘bears on the road’ session in which we map out the reasons for why the project won’t work and create a team spirit overcoming those challenges together.

Some of our happy municipalities
Parametric engineering is very interesting for us
Jaap van Nunen Policy advisor energy neutral social real estate at the municipality of Utrecht

Our projects with impact