Sustainable heat for Utrecht

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The Netherlands is taking steps towards its sustainability goals for 2030 and 2050 by making its climate agreement at municipal and national level ever more specific. In the coalition agreement “Space for all”, the municipality of Utrecht has expressed the ambition to have its own municipal real estate to become energy neutral by 2040.


Scope TransitionHERO

TransitionHERO has carried out a design study on the possibility to identify a sustainable business case for sustainable heat storage and heat supply for buildings of the municipality of Utrecht.

The pilot project “Renewable heat storage” is one of the promising projects to contribute to the sustainability challenge of the municipality of Utrecht. Through this innovative sustainability project, three real estate buildings of the municipality can be made energy neutral in one go. Connecting other users, for example nearby schools, homes or businesses, is a possibility in the future.

TransitionHERO has looked at a combination of local energy generation with solarPV, solar thermal and wind in combination with battery storage and heat buffering. The combination between green electricity and green heat leads to new opportunities for a flexible energy system.

TransitionHERO is responsible for the following activities in the project:

  • Technology scouting
  • Technology selection
  • System set-up
  • Sizing of equipment
  • Location study
  • CAPEX estimation
  • OPEX estimation
  • Subsidy advice
  • Risk & opportunity evaluation
  • Market consultation
  • Drawing up a program of requirements
  • Reporting & presentations


Find more background information in the Webinar “Daar krijgen wij energie van!”, The Netherlands | 20 April 2021, see link

“Parametric engineering is very interesting for us”
Jaap van Nunen Policy advisor energy neutral social real estate at the municipality of Utrecht

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