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Lead Engineer Electrical and Instrumentation - GreenTech

Electrical and Instrumentation Lead Engineer – GreenTech


Our projects need great people with loads of creativity. An Electrical and Instrumentation Lead Engineer at TransitionHERO is the heart of our complex electrification projects and brings in the knowledge to design the instrumentation and electrical part of our innovative Greentech process plants. She or he is able to grasp clients wishes and convert them into concrete designs.

Hello there.

Are you our new Electrical and Instrumentation Design Lead?

Let’s see.

  • You’re a good Electrical and instrumentation Lead Engineer.Whatever it is, you’ve got it. You talk the language of key one line diagrams, consumers lists, cause and effect and profibus and you love it when things come together in a nicely structured P&ID or IO list.
  • You want to make Impact. This should go without saying. You like to think beyond the engineering details and your focus is creating a sustainable business case.
  • You’ve got experience.You’ve been around. It’s not a numbers game but you’ve probably been a (Lead) Electrical and Instrumentation Engineer for about 6 to 10 years and have a track record in engineering of industrial process plants. You are able to review the work of junior engineers and help them go grow their knowledge.
  • You’ve been with your boots on the ground. So you feel at home walking around in a process plant and don’t mind to go out and find that tag plate for the missing data yourselves.
  • You’re flexible. Like your day-to-day work will require. One day you enjoy working on motor and cable specifications and discussions with suppliers to select technology for a conceptual design, while the other day you think out which instruments are needed to control new Greentech processes in a safe manner or how we can make a better business case by optimizing power consumption.
  • You’re about ideas.CO2 is important, but it is not always what this is about.
  • You hate repetitive engineering. That’s why we automate it. You will be a key member in the set-up of electrical and instrumentation design automation that we are working on. So we can focus on delivering the best solutions and being creative, rather than repetitive engineering.
  • You’re a leader.But it doesn’t mean you’re an asshole. Leadership at TransitionHERO isn’t about telling other people what to do. You lead by listening and by example.
  • You like people.That doesn’t mean you can’t be an introvert. We like introverts. It just means that you are good at working with the rest of us, whether it’s engineers from different disciplines, clients or the people who clean our office.
  • You’re a magician.You listen to our clients and work with them (and the rest of us) to magically create the very thing that somehow makes their wishes come true.
  • You’re the punk who shows up on time.You’re organized. You make things happen. You make sure your project stays on budget. And you take deadlines very, very serious.
  • You have opinions.And you can articulate them. (And you’re not afraid to tell our director when he’s saying something that doesn’t make any sense). And we will listen to it.
  • You’re just a person in the world.You don’t know everything, and you don’t think you know everything. But you’re curious. You want to know more. After all, it’s a big world.
  • You like a good salary. So you will get it. And not just a competitive salary. Coaching and personal development, a great office, nice coffee, unlimited snacks, lunch, fun and profit sharing is also part of the deal. Or just tell us what you want. And don’t forget about the fabulous projects.

Our drive is to create sustainable industries and communities by scaling-up and implementing Green Technologies. While we work with municipalities, large corporates and small start-ups, we create impact with innovative projects with a design process focused on the business case of our clients. For example, we scale-up new biobased and recycling technologies to an industrial scale demo plant together with Greentech startups, we design new energy systems for industrial plants, but also apply this industrial scale of thinking to change complete villages to become energy neutral. Once we have made a design, we use our in-house developed software to duplicate the design to scale-up green technologies, faster and smarter. Our creativity and professional experience combined with our parametric design are key to our approach. And having a bit of fun along the way.


Founded in 2019, we have the ambition and resources to grow and impact the industry. Work with us to have exciting work that makes a difference. You will find colleagues and clients with a high drive to impact for a better world. Endless opportunities and help shaping our young company.



Please sent your CV and your convincing information package to . If you have any questions you can contact Petra Beris,