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More than 40% of all necessary chemical building blocks are aromatics, but so far they could only be made from fossil raw materials. The BAroC project, led by innovative company Relement, is an important step towards creating aromatics in a sustainable manner. It’s relevant because bio-aromatics are used in high-quality products that are difficult to recycle such as coatings and lubricants; a logical application of biobased. By using biomass as the basis for aromatics, the company aims to achieve large energy and CO2 savings as well as strengthen the field of bio-based chemistry in the Netherlands.


Scope TransitionHERO

TransitionHERO started as a subcontractor of Relement in May 2021 with the creation of a  conceptual process design of the best commercial production route to  bio-aromatics  MPA and HMA. This conceptual design will be made in a consortium with TNO, Stichting Circulair Biobased Delta and Catalok, and funded by Topsector Energiesubsidie from the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs.

The conceptual process design will provide information for the business case and will increase the confidence of bio-aromatics customers. It is an important milestone for Relement and will make it possible to attract further investment for a follow-up to a first commercial functional bio-aromatic plant from 2025.

  • Optioneering to optimize the design to the best business case
  • Techno-economic and LCA analysis
  • Concept engineering
  • Plant footprint optimization
  • Cost estimating
  • Recommendations and interfacing with the testing program
  • Reactor modelling
  • Permitting check
  • Project strategy, planning and project management

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‘As a specialised engineering firm with specific knowledge of sustainable technologies, there is an excellent fit with the BAroC project, because of their focus on the business case and parametric design approach for faster scale-up’
Roger Blokland CEO Relement

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