What we do

We grow Green Technologies and help ambitious industrial companies to create real impact

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Sustainable Business Cases

Our aim is to grow GreenTECH from idea to real live operation. This journey starts with good design and a solid business case. On this journey we link our smart cost data base to design data for fast estimation. We use our experience to create a complete overview of all CAPEX/OPEX elements as well as market drivers. Moreover we add our creativity to identify new opportunities.

What you get

  • A trustworthy business case supported with evaluated options
  • A design going beyond CAPEX, to give insights in drivers for your business case

IndustryREADY Program

Probably your design journey started already with the idea, tested in a lab and verified in a first pilot. Your next challenge is to scale-up to an industrial demonstration or full-scale plant. We have developed especially for Green Technologies our IndustryReady program. In short design cycles we tackle business uncertainties and design challenges. We use our extensive industrial background to bridge the gap between the greentech and industrial companies, by speaking the same language and having the same mentality.

What you get

  • A design ready for industrial demonstration
  • A flexible design, such that options can be explored very easily during the program

Parametric Design

To get the huge impact you want for your green technology a successful roll-out journey is crucial. We generate speed during your roll-out by using our unique data foundation, enabling much faster and effective scale-up. In the data foundation we link all design parameters such as process, 3d and financial data. This results in smarter and faster designing and business cases, and less need for repetitive work by our and your engineers.

What you get

  • A scalable design, such that it can be implemented at multiple sites
  • Quick estimation tool for your new project requests from the market

Our focus areas

Renewable energy
Energy efficiency
Energy storage
Biobased chemicals
Waste streams