Sustainable heat for Baarn business parks

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In the coming years, the municipality of Baarn wants to take steps with regards to sustainability. Both for its residents and its businesses. An integral part of this is the sustainability of business parks within the municipality boundaries. In the coming period, the Municipality of Baarn wants to explore the possibilities of which solutions are technically and financially viable and can also count on sufficient support. 


Scope TransitionHERO

TransitionHERO has carried  out a quick scan and feasibility study on the possibility of identifying a business case for sustainable heat supply for two business parks in Baarn. 


TransitionHERO was responsible for: 

  • Sustainable option selections 
  • Public data collection and analysis 
  • Multi-criteria analysis 
  • Technology selection
  • Stakeholder management 
  • Communication planning 
  • Synergy & research 
  • CAPEX estimate 
  • OPEX estimate
  • Subsidy advice
  • Risk and opportunity assessment
  • Reporting & presentations 


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