Sustainable heat for Baarn business parks

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In the coming years, the municipality of Baarn wants to take big steps with regards to sustainability both for its residents and for its businesses. An integral part of this is the sustainability of business parks within the municipality boundaries. For the immediate future, the municipality of Baarn wants to explore which solutions are technically and financially viable and can count on sufficient support as well. The project will provide sustainable heat for the business parks Noordschil and De Drie Eiken.

One crucial facet of this project is that the solution must be affordable for the average business, and must meet the approval of all stakeholders. Opportunities for nearby synergies are important too; the residential areas of Eemdal and Baarnsche Zoom (currently under construction) are close by. 

Scope TransitionHERO

TransitionHERO has carried out a compreshensive feasibility study on the possibility of identifying a business case for sustainable heat supply for two business parks in Baarn. 

The outcome was to continue for development of a collective energy system based on high temperature heat pumps, buffers, local heat grid and thermal solar business park Noordschil for business park De Drie Eiken to support property owners with individual advice on heating free from natural gas.


TransitionHERO was responsible for: 

  • Sustainable option definition and selections 
  • Stakeholder management 
  • Design and technology selection
  • Synergy & research 
  • CAPEX & OPEX estimate 
  • Subsidy advice
  • Risk and opportunity assessment
  • Reporting & presentations 


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