First commercial plant for waste plastics to renewable BTX.

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At the moment, the base chemical building blocks BTX (benzene, toluene and xylene) are mostly produced out of fossil fuels, which poses two main environmental issues: fossil fuels are not a renewable resource making the process unsustainable, and they account for a large amount of CO2 emissions. To tackle this problem, innovative GreenTech startup BioBTX has developed a recycling technology based on pyrolysis and catalytic conversion that takes waste plastics and converts them into BTX.


Scope TransitionHERO

TransitionHERO is working together with BioBTX to design and develop an industrial-scale process plant for converting waste plastics into new chemicals. Key to the approach of TransitionHERO is that the team works in sprints, which allow them to manage their iterative engineering and adapt to the changing needs of the project. Using in-house developed tools and technology helps to automate the design process and achieve results faster and more cost-effectively.

TransitionHERO is responsible for the following activities in the project:

  • Optioneering to optimize the design to the best business case
  • Technology scouting and selection
  • Concept engineering
  • Plant footprint optimization
  • Cost estimating
  • Pilot plant test coordination
  • Reactor modelling
  • Basic engineering
  • Parametric plant model
  • Coordination with the permitting consultant
  • Project strategy, planning and project management

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‘TransitionHERO is a great company to work with. Do apply if you want to have impact with green technologies’
Niels Schenk CTO BioBTX

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