About us

We engineer the energy transition and circular economy

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Our story

Our goal is to have positive impact. We met five years ago while working for many industrial clients in a traditional engineering firm. We realised that the industry needs a transition to enable clean production processes and a sustainable supply chain. Enabling a transition needs technology and business cases, but also the right people and the right mindset. We have designed many different process plants and optimized energy systems. Moreover we’ve built innovation programs in the industrial environment and understand the challenges to do so. Because scaling up green technologies needs more creativity and entrepreneurship we have founded TransitionHERO.

We are not building just another engineering firm. We are setting up the engineering of the future. Our team excels in creativity and is driven to create smart designs and sustainable game changing business cases

We really enjoy to have the freedom to support great companies with our knowledge and skills. Let’s work together to have impact!

Why us

Why are we different

The best team

To developing a Greentech project, uncertainty is part of the deal. We invest in people to be effective engineers in dealing with uncertainty. Our Greentech engineers will have huge impact on your project results. While we value diversity in our team, we are all knowledgeable ,we are passionate, open minded and highly competent. All committed to make positive sustainability impact

Focus on projects with positive impact

Which means all our projects contribute to the SDGs and a more sustainable future. And because we really want to make it work, we support from the first idea to implementation to make it a success. We make the difference (you make the difference in what?) and together we make it happen

Business case is leading the engineering

During concept and basic engineering, the business case is leading in the design, to come to an investor ready result. We focus on main cost drivers and manage the iterative engineering in sprints. For this we use our powerful and unique (?) ‘optioneering’ technology, so options and tipping points can be evaluated fast (?) easily

Faster and Smarter

We believe the way of doing design and engineering is changing fast. By automating the boring and creating parametric models we speed up your green technology project. We continuously invest in our data foundation enabling more flexibility and cost effectiveness

Meet our enthusiastic team

Andreas Kangari Greentech Process Engineer Loves to design beyond zero waste
Greg Wessels Greentech Project Manager Loves to bring structure in complex projects
Yannick Hekman Energy & Utility engineer Loves to tackle technical challenges
Adam Fontaine Algorithmic Process Engineer Loves to turn complex processes into simple business decisions
Petra Beris Co-founder - Greentech project manager Loves to drive teams in complex environments
Eugene Bongers Senior Electrical Engineer Loves to contribute to electrification
Saeed Tajik Senior Process Engineer Loves to design pilot and demo plants
Stef Clevers Co-founder - Energy & Utility specialist Loves to make designs that work on all aspects