About us

We engineer the energy transition and circular economy

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A bit more about us

We’re TransitionHERO.

Our goal is to have a positive impact. We realized that the industry needs a transition to enable clean production processes and a sustainable supply chain. Enabling a transition needs green technologies and business cases, and also the right people with the right mindset.

Our team excels in creativity and is driven to create smart design packages and sustainable game changing business cases

Let’s work together to have impact!

Petra Beris Greentech project manager Co-founder
"Loves to drive teams in complex environments"
Stef Clevers Energy & Utility specialist Co-founder
"Loves to make designs that work on all aspects"

Adam Fontaine Algorithmic Process Engineer

"Loves to turn complex processes into simple business decisions"
Eugene Bongers Senior Electrical Engineer

"Loves to contribute to electrification"
Andreas Kangari Greentech Process Engineer
"Loves to design beyond zero waste"
Yannick Hekman Energy & Utility engineer
"Loves to tackle technical challenges"
Greg Wessels Greentech Project Manager
"Loves to bring structure in complex projects"
Saeed Tajik Senior Process Engineer
"Loves to design pilot and demo plants"