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We help startups to scale-up and industrial companies future-proof their business

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At TransitionHERO, we see Green Technology as the way forward to creating positive environmental impact. We work with a variety of stakeholders in the industry to turn ideas into sustainable installations. From startups and scale-ups to municipalities and industrial companies, we help design, engineer and scale your GreenTech solutions.

Who we work with

We grow green technologies and help ambitious industrial companies to create real impact

GreenTech startups

As a startup, you surely have great and innovative ideas about creating positive environmental impact. Yet, getting a good idea to an industrial scale is the real challenge. We understand how both startups and industrial companies work and can act as a bridge between the two. As a result, we help you turn your idea into an industry-ready design and scale it up quickly to make impact.

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As a municipality, you have a commitment to providing your residents with a sustainable environment to live in. But designing and implementing innovative green technologies requires specific expertise as well as time and effort. The energy transition in the built environment needs industrial scale solutions. We are independent and help you to bring large, sustainable projects into existence.

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Industrial companies

As an industrial company with sustainable ambitions, you are in the position to make real impact. With a growing number of sustainability targets to comply with, embracing sustainability is no longer just valuable — it has become necessary in order to stay in business. We are experts in green technologies and by using our tools and tech, we help you reach your project’s objectives.

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