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The greentech engineers

Hey, there! We are TransitionHERO. We believe in Green Technology as a solution for delivering positive impact to climate change and transforming the industry into something better. We support you – the leaders in our communities, industries and startup companies, to turn ideas into sustainable installations.

We love the challenge of growing green technologies to create impact. Our creativity and professional experience, combined with our algorithmic solutions, are key to our approach. And having a bit of fun along the way.

What we actually do

We believe in Green Technology as solution for delivering positive impact to climate change and transforming the industry into something better.

Sustainable Business Cases

Trusted by decision makers to accelerate greentech from idea to implementation.

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IndustryREADY design packages

The design program to scale up your design from an idea to a full-scale industrial demonstrator.

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Parametric Engineering

Our way of helping you generate scalable and automated design as well as business cases for faster roll-out.

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Why us

An expert team of greentech engineers

The best team

Developing greentech projects comes with a great deal of uncertainty. Therefore we invest in people to be effective engineers in such an environment. We are knowledgeable, passionate, we value diversity and are all committed to making a positive impact.

Focus on sustainable impact

All the projects that we take on contribute to the Sustainable Developments Goals and a more sustainable future. And because we really want to make it work and create impact, we support from the first idea to implementation.

Business case comes first

During concept and basic engineering, the business case will be leading in the design of your project. Using our own tools, we focus on the main cost drivers and manage the iterative engineering in sprints. In this way, options and tipping points can be evaluated fast and easily.

Faster, better, smarter

By automating the (boring) repetitive and creating parametric models, we speed up your green technology project. We continuously invest in our data foundation in order to provide more flexibility, smarter insights and cost effectiveness.

Who we work with

We work with a wide range of companies – from startups and scale-ups, to corporates and municipalities, and are able to tailor our solutions to their specific needs.

Greentech startups

We help startups turn their idea into an industry ready design and scale it quickly to create impact.

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Industrial Clients

With our tools and technology, we help speed up innovative green projects within large organizations.

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We work with municipalities to design solutions that can decrease their carbon and environmental footprint.

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Some of our happy clients