Oct 15, 2019

Parametric Engineering speeds up the GreenTech revolution

We are passionate about accelerating the transition towards a more sustainable industry by implementing green technologies within the process industry and beyond. We are investing in parametric engineering because we believe it speeds up the engineering process tremendously – making development and adoption of green technologies more cost-competitive – while ensuring that qualified engineers bring more added value to the table.

We at TransitionHERO are using parametric engineering tools to accelerate the GreenTech revolution for the industry. We define parametric engineering as follows:

Parametric Engineering is a process that translates design rules and best practices into algorithms that enable real-time business case calculation for various alternatives. This is accomplished by automating elements of the design (e.g. material and energy balances, equipment sizing and positioning, 3D modeling – including pipe routing and foundation modeling) and integrating this with cost estimation tools.



Parametric Engineering

So how will our parametric engineering tools help accelerate the adoption of green technologies?


  1. Accelerating the design process

In a traditional engineering project, a great deal of knowledge from previous projects is not utilized. Why? (1) Best practices are not captured in tools meaning engineers are reinventing the wheel within the same organization. (2) Engineering firms are conservative and reluctant to change claiming, “every project is unique”. We think differently. We believe applying parametric design solutions can reduce engineering time by 50%. This is achieved through the smart extraction of process design data and direct translation into 3D layouts as well as minimization of labor-intensive manual steps such as compiling material take-offs and transforming them into input for cost estimates.

  1. Enabling scale-up, optimization, and duplication of new technologies

Many new GreenTech scale-up projects fail because: 1) the budget is overrun, or 2) the design results in an unfeasible business case. Using parametric engineering it is easy and cost-effective to explore a higher volume of options rather than be limited to just one (or two, or three) because of budget or time constraints. This facilitates optimization, scalability, and duplication of design for similar projects at different locations.

  1. Fostering creative spirit

Many engineers love to design and can become demotivated when the majority of their time is spent compiling lists or repeating the same calculations over and over again. The scale-up of new technologies requires creativity and knowledge. For this, engineers need to be able to rely on computers to do the jobs that can be automated so they can be free to do what they have been educated to do: engineer the future!


We are investing in parametric engineering tools for GreenTech solutions. Are you interested to know more?  Feel free to contact us and find out how our solutions can speed up and improve your projects!