Nov 27, 2019

Driven by the motto ‘doing good & doing business’

The engineering team of TransitionHERO visited the ImpactFest. Driven by the motto ‘doing good & doing business’, more than 1000 impact-makers from numerous countries joined forces during the 4th edition of ImpactFest in The Fokker Terminal in The Hague.


Missed the event? We summarized the take-outs we want to share:


  1. ‘The transition is led by technological disruption’

The world is changing fast. And the rate of change is accelerating. “Exponential technologies” evolve at a rate far beyond the limitations of biological, physical, and societal systems. We are living through a convergence of key technologies: artificial intelligence, quantum computing, robotics, and blockchain (just to name a few). While the rise of these technologies fuels the plots of the next science-fiction doomsday blockbusters, the fact is that these technologies hold the potential to solve global grand challenges. Issues of health, environment, energy, food, water, and disaster resilience can be better addressed than ever before. We have the tools required to move from models of scarcity to models of abundance.

The world is changing fast. But people can be slow to change. We at TransitionHERO are committed to tapping the potential that technological disruptions will bring in order to facilitate society’s transition to a better world for all.


  1. ‘A circular system in the food industries consist of several layers’

A typical circular system consists of production, consumption, disposal and re-use. For the food sector this system is more complex mainly due to important hygiene standards.  We need therefore to think more in webs and less in circles. What do we mean? There is a good parallel to nature where for example owls will eat mice. However, the bones of the mice will not be consumed by the owls. These will be decomposed by bacteria and give the nutrient back to the soil.

The future food sector will be like a food web where a byproduct from one process is the feedstock for another. Currently several institutes are building and shaping a new supply chain around seaweed. The seaweed circular system is more attractive when multiple layers are added to the food system. For example, Layer 1: excess production can be converted into biobased chemicals and layer 2: waste production can be converted into construction material.


  1. ‘The transition needs systemic change making’

The changes with the highest impact come from a combination of a technological and social innovation. This is triggered when industries that are not connected these days start to work together to come to real, system-changing innovations. To come to these industry-bridging impactful ideas, people from different backgrounds need to communicate their challenges and see how they can work together solving these. Events such as ImpactFest offer opportunities for innovators and social entrepreneurs to connect. We at TransitionHERO can offer our skills developing technical innovations and turning them into economic successes. If you see a potential for partnership, let’s start today.